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a pseudonym that fits

2003-07-08 - 12:30 p.m.

what a great method of work avoidance!

whatever did we do in our jobs before the computer age?! work?? heaven forbid!

my confession: i have become a recent blog addict. i love discovering a new blog and reading all the archives. i am just working up to leaving comments - it takes a while cos you have to come up with a good pseudonym first...

I've been having a few issues with the pseudonym. in my mind, i've always been incredibly normal and envied those people who can define their personalities with tattoos, piercings, groovy haircuts and funky clothes. It's the same with pseudonyms - I can't find one that fits and describes my personality in a neat little package.

when i was setting up this blog, the username sarahsdiary was taken (surprise!) so i'm trying on soulstash - hopefully i will get comfortable wearing it and it will become a favorite in my wardrobe.

just to help things along, i'm not gonna tell anyone i know about this blog just yet, i'm hoping that this will allow me to say whatever i want.


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