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blog not lest ye be judged

2003-07-11 - 10:40 a.m.

still trying to make this diary thing a habbit. when i was 13 i had a lil lock-up diary (one of those ones with the girly print and ridiculously flimsy excuse for a lock that could be unpicked with a soggy chip) and i wrote in it RELIGOUSLY. Of course the drama of my life existed solely inside my head as nothing exciting ever happened to me - i don't think i could have handled it if something actually DID happen, (i think my head would have exploded).

anyhoo, i was speaking to a fellow about-to-become-blogger about the appeal of joining the online masses in the anonymous candid outpouring of our thoughts. Hers reason was to use it as kind of a group email - to stay in touch with friends she doesn't see often. Mine is that i want to put my life out there without my face and have the public judge me.

a strange species we humans are indeed.


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