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long arm of the law

2003-07-11 - 3:07 p.m.

yesterday my brother was caught on the train without a concession card and no form of identification (what this says about his personality is another entry entirely). the authoritative inspector asked him for someone's number to ring who would verify his identity. with a distinct lack of thought for his sanity, my brother gave our mother's number.

our mother tends to freak out when people call her with issues regarding us. mr inspector asked her to describe my brother. "ooooh errr, he's tall, has brown hair, dark eyes and he's hansome!", our mother titters. "You can tell him off if you like!".

"That's not my job" remarks the inspector, looking my brother up and down and, convinced that the strange woman on the phone was genuine, passes the phone to my brother. mother proceeds to natter to my brother about having strange people call her up and reprimands him for not having any ID.

Hence, my brother was duly punished for his misdemeanour - with sheer embarassment!

Ahh, if only the rest of the legal system could function so seamlessly!


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