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the Very Important Meeting

2003-07-16 - 11:56 a.m.

I took yesterday off work sick. I came this morning to an empty office and to find a note on my desk saying:

Sarah, Very Important Meeting (VIM) in room 2 on level 5 - come on down.

Knowing I was already late to said VIM, I grabbed pens and paper and took my achy self down to meeting room 2 on level 5.

It was empty.

I went to Big Black Shiney Reception Desk and asked where the meeting was. I described the other Very Important Attendtants at VIM as including the Chairman of the Big Evil Company and various partners who ran the Big Evil Company.

"Oh, you must mean DINING room 2!" Chirped very chirpy receptionist, "they're all in there now, just go on through".

I made my way to VIM, now in DINING room 2, opened the door as quietly as possible and slinked my way across the room to a free chair. I was about to pour myself a coffee when I looked up to find all Very Important Attendants to VIM looking at me oddly and asking down their noses "was I sure I was in the right place?"

Turns out note left on my desk was from yesterday - I just walked in on Much More Important Meeting than the one I was to attend yesterday and embarassed myself in front of all Most Important People in the Big Evil Company.

I think I will go hide under my doona and pretend today never was.


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