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2003-07-21 - 2:28 p.m.

I was just acosted - well not acosted really, as they were lovely young guys, more approached (acosted just sounds good) - on my lunch break by a couple of students doing a vox pop for channel 31.

I've always wondered what i'd be like on one of those - if I'd be able to come up with a clever and witty response to spontaneous questions thrust at me on front of a camera.

I always found the idea shit-scary.

So, as I'd predicted they asked me a couple of questions to which i gave incredibly lame replies.

1. "What really annoys you?"

"Ummm, you know when people on the tram sit on the inside of the seat when the window seat is free? I hate that, they should scoot over to the window and make room for other people".

2. "What weird crushes did you have as a kid?"

"Eeerrr well, I dunno, I always seemed to get crushes on the dorky kids at school".


Of course, five minutes after they'd wandered off I thought, no No! my weird crush was on Rick from The Young Ones - rupulsive yet strangely compelling!

So in case you're interested, I believe it will be screened on a show called Pluck -5pm Thursday after next. And be ready for some scintilating viewing!

I really hope that doesn't count towards my 15 minutes of fame.


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