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My beloved little Raging Bull

2003-09-10 - 11:34 a.m.

I made the mistake of letting my husband see my site. Naturally, it was the one where I had introduced him with the psuedonym 'Milche'.

He hates this name.

Let me tell you how he got it. You see, Milche is 'at the end of the grief chain' in a family of four strong-willed children (meaning he is the youngest).

As a baby, he was smothered in sibling adoration, being little and cuddly and cute. As he grew older, their love turned to pain infliction and Milche has many a scar on his head as a permanent reminder of his hierachical position.

One day, his siblings came home from school having learnt that 'milche' was German for 'milk'. They liked the sound and kept saying it. This tormented poor Milche as they wouldn't tell him what it meant. Of course this meant that they kept saying it just to see him turn into a little red ball of anger. Now his entire family has branded him with the title - affectionately in their minds, and just continuing the torment in Milche's.

I think it's cute.

So when he read my entry over my shoulder he protested.

"You can't brand me Milche to the world on the Internet!" (like everyone in the world reads my site - pah!), "at least call me something cool".

"Like what?" I inquire.

"I want to be Raging Bull" he says.

Yup, no hang-ups with his childhood there.


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