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The beginning of a beautiful friendship

2003-09-17 - 10:03 a.m.

On Sunday I took my newly-registered motorbike for his first ride in the streets around my parent's house.

This was my first proper ride on a motorbike. Sure, I had ridden one round a quadrangle for two days to get my Learners' permit, but that's a long way from being on a big scarey road on few bits of metal on wheels surrounded by 4WDs.

I think I am developing an interesting relationship with my little bike Bertie (he remarkably resembles a Bertie Beetle). Having pulled him apart and put him back together, I feel like I know him a little more intimately - we're still strangers, but I have seen what he looks like with no clothes on ... this is a big step in a relationship.

I'm still a bit scared of him, though. He goes a lot faster than I do and sometimes I feel like he's taking me for a ride and I'm not really in control. I really need to steer this relationship.

He stopped on me a couple of times and I had to try and kick-start him back to life, once he just refused and made me push him back home - I think he's testing me too.


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