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The Prince is dead. Long live Prince.

2003-11-06 - 10:22 a.m.

Oh dear.

That was a while between blogs. No excuses aside from busy busy and I have been writing blogs continuously in my head - just not on screen. Doesn't do anyone much good there.

So you've been in suspense about the Prince concert.

Well I managed to get two tickets at $50 each for my brother and myself. And the seats were amazing!

The whole evening was amazing! Although it was a few weeks ago now, I am still wallowing in the afterglow.

Let me tell you about it. He entered the stage in an over-sized white suit jacket over little legs clad in white leggings (yes, leggings) and huge pearl encrusted ugg boots.

I blame this on a bitter stylist or maybe he was just taking the piss. He began with a medley of the oldies: Let's Go Crazy, Controversy, Sign 'O the Times, etc.

Then he redeemed himself by re-entering in a classy white suit with big-collared red shirt beneath, and bathed the audience in smooth flowing and funky-as-hell jazz for the remainder of the evening, before ending with a mind-blowing Purple Rain.

Two and a half hours of heaven. Prince is better than ever.

I have even gone so far as to buy his much derided last album, which I had previously not considered purchasing as:

a) it is named The Rainbow Children

b) it's content is heavily religious.

Turns out, it is one of his best-ever albums - funk, jazz fusion concept album.

Our Prince of Pop has relinquished his crown for a more admirable musical credibility.

And I, for one, worship him for it.


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