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the greatest gift of all

2003-08-19 - 10:40 a.m.

Yesterday i went to buy my friend a belated gift for her birthday. i had decided i wanted to get her Reality Bites on DVD as it is her favourite film. Now, because it is so long ago that the whole generation-Xers-trying-to-find-their-way-in-an-adult-world thing was new to cinema, Reality Bites is in the "DVDs under $20" section of the shop.

I don't want to be a cheap present buyer, so, i decided this gift will need a little padding. I found a nice little dish thing - you know, for nibbly things when you have company. And i wanded to put some little spherical chocolates in it - so it's a movie and chocolates in a nice dish sort of present.

The loose-chocolates-in-vesicle gift is always good because you can buy the chocolates with the best intentions to fill the vesicle, and then sneak some yourself. I tried this with Lindt balls.

It doesn't work so well with Lindt balls.

I had been carrying this box around and occasionally slipping my hand inside the box and munching on a Lindt ball. Just a few, i told myself.

I got home in the evening to discover that the box had not been crammed with the delicious chocolate balls - but that each ball sat in a moulded plastic compartment. There was no longer enough for a generous looking heap to fill the cute little dish.

Doesn't matter. I will just have to go and spend another $8 on five chocolates to give to my friend [of course there will be too many for the dish then and i will have to make use of the surplus]. After all, I'm not greedy -- I just want my friend to enjoy a thoughtful, selfless gesture.


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