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2003-08-21 - 3:55 p.m.

I was discussing with my lovely husband, who for blogging purposes will be called Milche [a name his older siblings used to tease him with as a li'l tacker], the controvercial topics of religions.

I mentioned that I thought I should begin my own religion, that he should become the first follower of my belief system.

Milche then proceeded to explain to me that this was already the case. He presented several pieces of evidence to support the fact that I do have my own religion.

Here is the evidence:

1. He worships me on a daily basis. [Aaawwwww]

2. I have my own set of beliefs, which Milche must follow or else be damned to hell for all eternity.

3. He keeps and efigy of his deity on his person at all times [in the form of a photo booth picture of me in his wallet].

4. He keeps a symbol of his devotion to his deity on his person at all times [in the form of a ring on his wedding finger].

5. And once a month he experiences the almighty wrath of his goddess and, man, is she a vengeful one.

So there you have it. Case closed.

I mentioned then that I may feel like making a virgin sacrifice ...


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